Teaching Week 7 in Azusa

Today at Murray was really fun once again! I am convinced my group is the loudest and craziest in the class, but it makes it more interesting 🙂 They all seem to be really good friends and know each other outside of the classroom, so it affects their ability to sit silently and not talk. The teacher came up to me today and said, “challenging group, huh?” It was pretty funny because I was glad that I was not the only one feeling that way.

The kids in my group are all really intelligent, but I am really seeing more and more their difficulty with spelling because of their Hispanic heritage. Spelling for third graders is already difficult, but because of the difference in vowel sounds, I see how hard it is for them to transition back to English from Spanish which is usually spoken at home. It continues to confirm my desire for a summer non-profit program for Hispanic students before they enter kindergarten or first grade to really catch them up to grade level. Being a Spanish minor, it is hard for me not to start speaking to the students in Spanish because I want to practice, but it does allow me to relate to their challenges more. This is a problem that can definitely be fixed, but it does take more one on one time with students, and most teachers don’t have that time.

One of the students in my group has some kind of disability, but I am not sure what kind. He is unusually slow at every activity and is usually off in his own world, not doing his work and thinking about other things. When I ask him to form sentences or to answer questions, he is very passionate and has very mature answers… definitely a brilliant student. I wonder if it might be a form of autism or ADD, I am not sure but it is interesting to watch him and how he processes information. He requires one on one time and repetition of the assignment in order to get his work done.


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