these are a few of my favorite things…

as I was playing around with my camera today, I decided to take some pictures (aka test my camera) of a few of my favorite things- things that influence me on a day-to-day basis. I think it is important to note that these do not go in order of importance.

#1. Diet Pepsi. Ohhh how you are so good to me. Zero calories. Sweet flavor. Caffeine. Small can for portability. It doesn’t get any better. Because I feel so guilty putting aspartame in my body these days, this drink always tastes like such a splurge. This drink, though, is perfect for all occasions. Studying for finals? This helps keep me awake, not to mention satisfies the hand to mouth fix that I need sometimes (aka boredom). Need a nap in the middle of the afternoon but have no time? I love carrying these around with my as I go. Can’t stay awake into the wee hours of the morning  (let alone 10pm?) This is perfect for late nights… and trying to be cool around all of your friends who can ring in the New Year without a problem 🙂 Anyways, this was not meant to be a diet Pepsi ad, but I am a big fan.

#2. My “true love waits” ring. Some people find it cheesy, others find it cliché. I just plain love it. I don’t feel like this one needs a whole lot of explanation, besides the fact that I feel naked without it. Its been on my hand for almost 6 years now, and I love it. It has made me realize that I love love. I love reading about it, watching it, capturing it, talking about it, reminiscing about it, daydreaming about it. Love is such an amazing topic, especially since we have the greatest demonstration of it modeled by Jesus. We get to experience it on such a deep level, and God has given us the ability to love and be loved by others. And as far as a future husband goes? I think true love IS worth waiting for… especially if it is a Christ-like love. Who wouldn’t want to wait for that?

#3. This is not a picture I took with my own camera, and it might seem strange, but I love love love teeth. I love white teeth. Clean teeth. Straight teeth. But more important than that, I love smiles. I am drawn to people’s smiles. I love watching how people laugh,  how they smile at others, how they smile for photos, and I love how when you really know someone, you can tell when they are truly smiling/laughing or just giving someone a “that’s not really funny or I am not really happy, but I am going to make you believe that it is/I am” smile/laugh. I think a person’s laugh and smile tells so much about them. I like teeth. And I definitely like smiles.

#4. I hope this one doesn’t sound cliché. But oh well. The truth is, I never ever regret reading the Bible. It is like working out (ok, MUCH better)- but it is the idea that for some people, it doesn’t always sound like a lot of fun or definitely might not be at the top of your priority list. But after you get through reading it, you never regret doing it, and you always feel a little bit better for having done it. And once it is something you do regularly, it is like you need it- like your day is different if you don’t read it. And while I am no perfect bible reader, I do try and read it regularly. Because like it says, we are fed when we read it. We are replenished, encouraged, answered, and inspired every time we pick it up. What a blessing. It is at our fingertips, we are free to read it in this country, and we own plenty of them.

#5. These, oh these- NEVER get old. I took this photo with my good ol point and shoot camera. But I have never, ever seen a sunset like this. It was the clearest day yet in LA since my four years of living down there. The ocean was literally a baby blue, reflecting the sky with such perfection. Sunsets are something that I look for daily. They inspire me, they make me refocus on what is important, and most importantly, they remind me that God is always in control, that he is always at work, and that he has placed everything perfectly together in its own time. Take me to the beach, in jeans, a sweatshirt, my rainbow flip flops, a blanket, and my camera- and I am in my absolute happy place. Nothing is better to me, unless someone joins me of course 🙂 But overall, sunsets are a really special reminder to me of who God is… and in retrospect, who I am. LOVE them. CHERISH them.


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