view from a plane

I am currently sitting at Cornerstone, the APU coffee shop on campus. I am waiting to meet with a friend over, well you guessed it, coffee. Tonight I am headed to Redding to visit my best friend, Rachel. My friendship with her is so rare, and I cherish it beyond words. It is the most beautiful thing every time we get together (whether in LA or in Redding) because it truly seems like God blesses all we do. Now, I know God blesses us on a very regular basis, but these times together just seem super blessed. Haha, that sounds a little funny. But hopefully you get my point 🙂 I don’t think we have many plans this weekend, but that never keeps us from having fun. We are going on eights years of being friends, and those eight years have changed my life. Forever. I am BEYOND excited to see her tonight, please pray for safe travels (not only the plane ride, but also the 2 hr drive from sac to redding). Here is a picture of my beautiful friend… in case I haven’t already talked to you about her 🙂

As I am really early for my coffee date with KM, I also decided to look up pictures of what you see from the airplane. The first one is a basic picture of a plane in the sky, but I started thinking about all of the amazing things I have seen from my many airplane trips. I have not been to a lot of different countries or anything, but between flying to the Dominican Republic, Australia, and Hawaii, not to mention various states in our own country, I have flown over some pretty amazing sites. Beautiful coral reef, the Florida Keys, the Great Lakes, through hills and in between mountains, the amazing squares of crops when you fly across the Great Plains, and I flew over the oil spill in the gulf last May. Besides amazing sites on land, the clouds, stars, sunsets, and sunrises have been phenomenal. The best part of all this? Airplanes give us the chance to view vast areas of God’s beautiful creation. Like I have mentioned many times before, sunsets alone bring me back to the greatness of God. every.single.time. So to see it from an airplane makes it even bigger, even more real. And there is nothing that makes me stand more in awe of God.

So all that to say, tonight I am excited to fly (as much as it is also a great fear of mine…haha, ironic, I know)- I don’t leave until later, but I know the stars will be beautiful, the moon will be glowing, and the lights will be on from cities still awake.

Alright, well that’s all for now. 5 minutes til my coffee date with KM. Hope all is well with you, Happy Thursday! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! TGI(almost)F!




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