“you won’t find this anywhere else”

Well- it was an amazing weekend away in Palm Springs. I got to spend the weekend with two of the most important, amazing, Godly, hilarious women in my life. Meg, Jaclyn, and I got to go to Jaclyn’s parents La Quinta home for a “Bestie Retreat” that had been in the making for weeks… and something that we have been wanting to do all year. And any expectations I had for the weekend were blown WAY out of the water by these two phenomenal women. From cooking dinner together, making dessert, hot tubbing, laying out by the pool, drinking pina coladas, talking about anything and everything, getting dressed up, eating amazing Mexican food, playing junior high aged games, and being as honest as we possibly could, it was a weekend I will never forget. I would pause in the middle of one of our outrageous dances in the kitchen while cooking, or it would hit me as we are sitting on the floor in our swimsuits talking about some really personal stuff- that this just doesn’t happen anywhere. It was a weekend where I was filled, where I could be 100% myself, where I could unwind and unload, and where I could be filled back up again before this week. These are friends that are irreplaceable, indescribable. We are raw with one another, encouraging growth, challenging one another, yet sitting with one another wherever we are- whether we have answers or not, just being there for each other through everything. We laughed our heads off, shared our biggest challenges, and came to understand our own beauty even more. These friends make me realize beauty in its truest form, they bring me back to the Lord in everything, and their encouragement has shaped a huge part of my college years. These are forever friends, and as the title says, this is something I won’t find anywhere else. And I am beyond grateful for that.

The first picture is Megan and I as we headed to the pool for our first day of sun tanning 🙂 I absolutely love hammocks by the way!



This is a photo of Jaclyn and I before heading to the spa on our first night in Palm Springs. We can’t always take serious pictures 🙂


Here is a picture of the 3 of us as we were heading to the pool on our first day. These are forever friends, and I am so grateful.

Headed to a nice dinner – thanks to my mom and dad who bought us dinner from Danville. Such a blessing 🙂



And if this weekend were not enough, last week Meg and I were surprised with a joint birthday party on Tuesday night. We thought the 3 of us were just going to dinner together for $2 tacos at TPhilips. It ends up that we were headed to Taylor’s for a surprise party. Best part? Meg and I were 100% surprised! Here are some pictures that capture the amazing night – the guys did the grilling, there was a drawing booth where you would write one word that describes either Meg or I- and there were pictures hanging all over the house. It was such a blessing, and to top it off? Cakes smashed in our face 🙂 Meg and I did a joint birthday our freshman year, and as seniors, this really meant SO much to us. Jaclyn and Taylor did such a great job and we ARE SO THANKFUL for all the time they put into it. SUCH a gift! Thanks guys!



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