I am a really big fan of afternoons in Pasadena. This semester I don’t get a whole lot of them because I am usually on campus working. But today I worked my hours in the morning and got to come home to Pasadena. There is just something so amazing about walking out my door and heading down South Lake Avenue… people taking their lunch break at work, wind blowing perfectly, not too hot and not too cold, sunny LA weather, and lots of places to choose from. There is something fresh in the air today and it has filled me with hope and excitement, almost an anticipation for what is coming. I have no clue what that looks likes or if it even means anything at all. But I do know that today is beautiful, today is a blessing, and today is unique. And that is enough for now.

So as the sun is just starting to fall and the air is perfectly relaxing, I am taking advantage of my afternoon at home… not to mention, I am packing for my trip to Puerto Vallarta tomorrow! Estoy muy emocionada para hablar en espanol con las nativas alla. Tambien, estoy emocionada que mis padres van a verme hablando en espanol! YAY! Anyways, I am excited 🙂



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