to Mexico and back

Ohhh Mexico. It was another fabulous weekend in Mexico! The MO staff took this semester’s leaders down to Mexico for our retreat and we had an amazing time.

My friend Michelle, who is also in my MA group and leading a team of students down to the Una Rosa orphanage, drove my MA group down to Mexico in “Gordito”- the very old, camper van that was donated to MO after Christmas break. My entire MA group was asleep while Michelle and I were talking when the drive shaft fell out of our car onto the freeway. It was scary to say the least. We spent about 45 minutes on the side of the freeway as we waited for everything to be taken care of. Needless to say, that started our journey off interestingly.

We now were driving a Charger that I named “Blanca” because she was a white hot little speed car. Anyways, thanks be to God for getting us there safely and that no one was hurt during the drive shaft incident. Really and truly. If it had fallen off the opposite way, we would have rolled… and going 75 mph in combination with rolling doesn’t sound too safe to me. Obviously it isn’t. So again, thanks be to GOD for keeping us safe because nothing else makes sense. Someone was definitely looking out for us.

So Blanca took us safely to Mexico and once we got there, word had spread to all the other leaders about our freeway incident and they came out to greet us and ask us all about it. We have such a great support system.

The weekend was full of more laughter than I have experienced in a long time. Not only did the typical joke become, “hey remember that one time our drive shaft fell out?”, but we also had some very fun Mexico adventures such as walking through the thickest mud I have ever seen, eating amazing tacos that made you not feel so good later on, taking ridiculous pictures, devilish sounding refrigerators, and lots more. We got to rest a lot, visit the sites that the teams will be going down to for spring break and of course, we ate Mexican food. A lot of it.

I got to visit two new orphanage sites that I have not been to before and it was great. The children are beautiful as always, their smiles larger than life and their hearts full of so much love that I can’t always comprehend. One of my favorite things is when we get to talk to the “mom” or “dad” of the different orphanages. These men and women have hearts unlike anything I have ever seen. Their love and selflessness goes deeper than that of this world, proclaiming truths of who God is and what it means to be truly satisfied. As I got to talk to one orphanage mom, “Concha”, she told me that they need food and that rarely she can feed everyone enough. She also said the kids don’t have enough basic needs, and that they would love some books for the kids to read. With such great need, my heart sank. How do we fix all of this need? Do we even put a dent in it when we hang out with these kids for a week in April? Does it help? Concha would say absolutely and that God uses us as a great answer to prayer every year. But even in the midst of our mixed translations, butchered Spanish, and laughter about it all, I saw a smile unlike one I have ever seen before. Truly. Her smile spoke of God’s provision, of her trust in the Lord, and of a deep, authentic joy that permeates any need. It humbled me. Greatly.

We have so much to learn from our Mexican brothers and sisters, and the longer I get to experience these growing relationships with MO, the more I realize that. These beautiful Mexicans know an aspect of the Kingdom of God that I doubt we will ever fully know as Americans. And when I get to be around someone like Concha, I just want to soak up all she has to offer. Her ability to pray fervently and accept what comes her way as truly a gift straight from God’s hands themselves.

As my MA team met on Saturday night after visiting the sites, we talked a little bit about how great of a need we had seen that day. And how it is hard to know what to do with it all. But ultimately, we have to give it all over to God, trusting that he will continue to meet their needs, and thanking him that we get to be his hands and feet when we return in April.

I have the best MA team and this weekend in Mexico was amazing. I am so blessed by my job and getting to see what MO offers to both APU students and our Mexican family makes me so grateful for this amazing opportunity.

So if there are actually some readers out there, I ask that you partner with me in praying for the great need in Mexico. That God would be preparing our teams for great healing and miracles to take place during their time there. I pray that God would do big and bold things (though when he moves, that in and of itself is a miracle no matter what it is!) and that he would bring restoration, multiply finances and food, and that he would speak to us all about what we can learn from these beautiful people.

Its a fuzzy picture, but that’s ok because I have food in my mouth anyways 🙂 This is Erica and I, another one of the MA’s I get the blessing of working with. She oversees the community service teams and she does an amazing job. I love her a lot 🙂 This was taken in the kitchen while making lunch for the day.

This is part of my MA team trying to trek in the mud to the Una Rosa orphanage. Michael in front had started to run because it made it easier to get through the mess… except I don’t think it ended up working out 🙂 Michelle is behind him trying not to lose her shoes in the mud. It got so heavy that it started pulling our shoes off! And that is me in my overalls 🙂 It was an adventure! Seeing all the kids on the other side of that wall when we walked in, though, made it completely worth it. No question!




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