at home



at home this weekend.

even though it has been a challenging week amongst my family, it has been such a blessing to be home. i wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

at home i am reminded of God’s purpose when he created family. i am reminded of what it means to support one another, love one another, hold each other accountable, face difficulties together, and pray for one another. we laugh together, cry together, get mad at each other, frustrate one another… but we love each other. a lot. and i never doubt that.

as i took my dog, Rudy, outside tonight before i got ready for bed, i looked up at the stars. our house backs up to a golf course, so as a result, the stars come in a lot clearer because there are a lot less lights than in a normal neighborhood. i looked up at the stars (much clearer than in LA) and i literally let out a big sigh. breathtaking. peaceful. perfectly placed. God’s handiwork was right above me, and left me absolutely breathless.

as i have said before, sunsets, stars, and the beach do that for me- they leave me speechless and literally in awe of God. watching how he painted the sunset different than before, how he placed the stars in the perfect pattern to make constellations or how he makes the oceans ebb and flow so perfectly, so strongly. his creation leaves me utterly amazed and in awe.

as we sat around the dinner table tonight, we talked about with my brother and sister-in-law about pregnancy/delivery stuff since they are days away from delivering their first baby. (YES! I WILL be an aunt soon- and I cant wait) the way a baby is created and formed so perfectly together is such a testimony of God’s perfection, his beauty, and his intimate love. a baby knows not to breathe in through its nose until right after the umbilical cord is cut. at that exact moment, its lungs kick into action, attempting to breath on their own. amazing. there are a LOT more details and amazing facts about pregnancy and birth, but i dont find it totally necessary to go into detail on here. but you get the point. hopefully.

God is vast, great, mighty, all-powerful, unfathomable, indescribable. yet he is intimate, personal, intertwined with us, caring about all of the details, looking at the depths of our heart, and walking with us through every step of life. and so this weekend as i am experiencing some family challenges, fears, and unknowns… i rest assured in who God is, the fact that he loves all of us with such an unfathomable love. a love that cant be expressed but can be felt in the deepest parts of our soul.

this is the God i serve. and i am humbled when i think of how great he is and how “not-great” i am 🙂 and he loves me the same. in all of the sin, struggles, unknowns, and human-ness. he loves us. amen to that. and amen to his creation.

may we never stop being completely blown away by his creation, his masterpiece of human life itself, and of the blessings that he has placed in our lives to fully and whole-heartedly enjoy.

so grateful tonight. for these lessons.

and for home.



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