a few things I love right now.

I am so grateful that God has given us purpose.

Ok weddings, of course- but I love being ANYWHERE with a view. Take me here!

I am in a period of waiting right now for things that involve my future. But I am learning to love the waiting process. “A holy and joyful expectancy is of the true essence of waiting” -Andrew Murray.

Random fact about me- I LOVE, absolutely LOVE hugs. But not side hugs.

This picture reminds me of freedom. I am grateful for my freedom today.

I love photography- of course. But I love simple, yet profound photography like this picture. I hope to gain these skills one day.

Ireland. Lighthouse. Middle of nowhere. Ocean. Greenery. Rocks. Perfect. I love all of these things.

LAUGHTER. I love to laugh. I got to laugh a lot tonight at our leaders meeting for Mexico Outreach. So filled.


Dandelions remind me of God’s protection over my life. I saw one today at the perfect moment. I love that.



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