what I love about Sundays

I went for a run today (one thing I love about Sundays) and realized a few more reasons why this day is so great.

Running is so great. I have not been super great about working out lately, but a Sunday run is so amazing. Running through the streets of Pasadena is so fun because you see ALL different types of people- men mowing their beautiful lawns in San Marino, homeless people who have the best smiles as you pass them, parents running with their babies in the stroller, lots of dogs, and the list goes on and on. Running is never something I regret doing, and it makes it even better when a run can be entertaining… and in Pasadena, it definitely is.


At the end of my run, I was conveniently across the street from Starbucks (ok, I totally planned that one). As I was waiting for my venti iced coffee, (sweetened with sf vanilla and room for cream 🙂 ) I noticed a father sitting with his two girls. His oldest daughter was reading a book to the two of them (she was probably 10). It completely made my day. I love when I see fathers out to coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever…with their daughter. I have really grown to appreciate those moments that I have with my dad, and as girls grow up, those times become even more important. It is so refreshing to see men who are committed to being parents, giving their daughters time with just them. You get my point. I like father-daughter time.


So there are a lot more things about Sundays that I like, but as I was walking back into my apartment after my run, I noticed how the parking signs say, “except sundays” on them. Even the parking signs take a Sabbath! That is pretty impressive 🙂 Sundays are a day to be completely restful, mindful, and intentional. I really believe when we honor the Sabbath (which, I know, is actually Saturday) that God fills us enough to get through each week. It is a day to relax and refocus on the blessings we have in life, learning to live each day with purpose and intentionality.


Enjoy today. It is a gift from God himself. A time to enjoy his creation, which constantly cries out his promises and his grace and his glory.


I am off to do a Senior Grad photo shoot… I am excited!!


Blessings today


One thought on “what I love about Sundays

  1. I love Sundays too 🙂

    I laughed out loud at: “I was conveniently across the street from Starbucks (ok, I totally planned that one).”

    Hope your day was fantastic. Love to you pretty girl.

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