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We leave again for Mexico in 2.5 weeks. I can not believe it. Truly.

I am legitimately so excited for what is to come. This semester I have been working with the 50+ churches that will be going with Mexico Outreach over spring break, and I am so excited to get to meet the pastors and their students, as well as work with APU students too. Ah! I was reminiscing on the crazy process that brought me to where I am at today… my heart for Mexico has been a development over time, a passion that I never would have seen coming.

My first trip to a Tijuana orphanage my senior year of high school forever changed my desire for Spanish and the Mexican people, but it was not until I got to APU that I really started seeing the passion develop more.

You can (hopefully) tell in the slideshow which pictures are from my senior year of high school- the orphanage where we stayed had a lot of the most beautiful children I have ever seen and they really opened my eyes to a different worldview, the great need that exists, and the beauty of learning from our fellow neighbors. I learned so much just sitting with the older girls from the orphanage, completely butchering my Spanish, but asking questions and just being…well, girls. It was amazing.

Claiming a Spanish concentration in college really helped throw me into the Spanish-speaking world, and with that, God slowly opening up opportunities to go to Mexico. I lead my first team to an orphanage in Mexicali called Betesda. Those children have my heart. Oh my word, they are beautiful. Before we were even fully out of our car, we had kids hanging from us. No exaggeration. The love they have to share, sometimes reserved at first (understandably), feels like it comes right from God’s heart itself. There I saw the beauty in short-term, consistent, missions. I really came to love what Mexico Outreach is doing in Mexico and I knew I wanted to return.

Before I knew it, I found myself to be a Ministry Advisor, working as a student employee in the office. God is funny like that. He had much bigger plans than I had for myself, but I took a leap of faith and really jumped on board with what he had. And my life has been forever changed. This year has shaped me in some of the most beautiful and difficult ways. But I am so grateful, beyond words, for the chance to experience Mexico the way I have. The 40 year long relationships we have been fostering and the continual give and take we share with our Mexican neighbors is phenomenal.

So needless to say- I am really looking forward to this next trip to Mexico. The leaders I get to work with and oversee are absolutely phenomenal. They are dedicated, hilarious, and ready to see what God has for them in Mexico. I am so excited for them and I am so blessed by them every time we interact. Every single time.

I literally feel like I have the best job in the world- and the best part? I would do it if I weren’t getting paid. I fee like God has used MO to prepare me for whatever is coming after graduation. And a few weeks ago my home church in the Bay Area announced they were opening a church plant close to Ensenada! I am looking SO forward to whatever that might entail and I pray for the chance to really get involved in that process.

As I look back on the process of Mexico, Spanish, English Language Learners, and all that has evolved in just the last 4 years, I am so encouraged. God, in all of our lives, has used every situation in the past to direct us to where we are today, which is ultimately leading us closer to him, to his purpose. By following him, and trusting him with all that we possibly can, he is so faithful to guide us into places greater than we could have ever imagined.

I am encouraged.


It’s also late (ok maybe not that late)

and I am tired 🙂




One thought on “mexico on the mind

  1. Hello. How are you? I was surfing the net for orphanages to visit in Mexicali when I came upon your blog page. I am a truck driver layed over here in Calexico, Ca. just across from Mexicali. Was wondering if you could recommend an orphanage I can visit and donate some money to. Thanks for being you (which is to say alikeminded servant for Christ with a passion for the Mexican children). If you ever decide to open an orphanage in Mexico yourself, let me know. I want to get involved.

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