today was inspiring.

the best part?

all of the little things in life inspired me.


here is my list of today’s inspiring things:



1. Starbucks Coffee… duh…I found it ironic I had the word strength written on my hand while taking the picture. Yes, Starbucks does give me strength, but there is a greater Strength than caffeine. Amen.



2. I just got done baking low fat banana/shredded wheat/something or other muffins. They smell absolutely delicious.



3. I saw this at Target today. Such a great reminder. And I love the design.



4. (sorry for the small images) This colorful garden-gear area in Target made me think of a possible photo shoot in the future. How adorable would that be?!



5. I painted today. I can not tell you how amazingly therapeutic painting is for me. SO great. This is a collection of my favorite Mexico photos (we had our last staff meeting today and so Mexico was on the mind…again) from the last two years along with torn out bible verses in Spanish that are crinkled and painted on. Most of the bible pages are painted over with gray except for the part I wanted to be able to read. It turned out… interesting. My favorite verse for Mexico is Isaiah 49:16 “Behold. I have engraved you on the palms of my hands. Your walls (symbolizing protection) are always before me.” That verse is on the painting toward the bottom left.



6. This was another Target item. How fun would a wedding be if you handed this to a wedding planner and said, “plan my ENTIRE wedding around this.” I was inspired. Dream job? Wedding planner … guilty …




7. This wall decoration item is adorable. Love the quote-



8. BEAUTIFUL clouds on my way to school this morning… I was so inspired.



Hope you are having a good Friday night.

I encourage you to take a Friday night and have it all by yourself sometime soon.

I have been so encouraged, refreshed, and filled.



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