thoughts…not that you asked.

1. people in the fast lane should never be going slower than 70 mph.

2. everyone needs friends who they can word vomit EVERYTHING to in all of their stupidity… and not feel stupid afterwards.

3. mexican food always tastes good.

4. graduating is scary

5. how do you even attempt to say goodbye to the most important people in your life?

6. 2 more tests and 1 more paper. then im done

7. I am so excited for this summer. I feel so anxious for what God has in store… and I want to see some of it revealed already!

8. I learned a swear word in Spanish today… in SPANISH CLASS. oops.

9. I saw some really adorable engagement photos today. made me want to improve my photography skills

10. my room is all packed up except clothes. got a little ahead of myself? unfortunately, yes.


this is what my thoughts feel like right now. blahhhhh 🙂


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