“adventure”: a wild and exciting undertaking

maybe it is because I should be writing a paper right now.

maybe its because I should be ironing my gown for graduation next week.

maybe its because I should be studying.

or maybe its because I am in one of those moods.

I want to go on a random adventure.

to a beach I have never been, to a mountaintop, on a hiking trail with great views, on a long winding road in the middle of nowhere.


hang-gliding looks like so much fun.

I have never done it, but I would really like to.

I think.

Running and jumping off a cliff, near the ocean, and landing on the shore.

are you kidding me?!


hopefully one day I will do it.

these are random thoughts of the moment.

I am back in LA after time in Mexico and time with family in the bay area.

I picked up my cap and gown today-

I graduate in 10 days.




now for that darn paper.




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