a fun day.

Kat and I had a wonderful day today. We had to drive over 280 miles total, but it was well worth it! We had to go to a professor’s house for a class project, and he lives in the middle of nowhere- as you can see below.

here we are. literally in the middle of nowhere. his house is 11 miles from a Denny’s which is the hippest thing in town. but the drive was nonetheless an adventure. in fact, with Kat, everything turns into an adventure. after our time in the desert, we drove our friends back to APU and then we headed to pasadena for a photo shoot of mine. the family I took photos of was so great- you can see one of the photos below.

aren’t they a beautiful family?! Kat and I found out the mom just finished her degree at Biola- and we tried to be excited for her 🙂 kidding- we are truly excited for her, but we had to keep a little rivalry in there. at least for one more week. which brings me to one of my latest thoughts- graudation. we are graduating in literally one week. from today. almost to the hour. where has this time gone? Kat and I tried to recreate a photo today from one of our favorites from the first time we truly hung out at APU. we drove to Huntington Beach and took this photo:

cute little 18 years olds 🙂

here is our recreation of this photo. we literally took almost 30 photos trying to get it right…

and here we are 4 years later. what a journey it has been. and next week we will be putting on our caps and gowns, receiving our diploma (Lord willing) and walking off that stage into whatever is next. oh my word.

I think the hardest part of it all is trying to express, explain, or even talk about what these 4 years have meant. SO much, and now all we have left are pictures. even though I love pictures 🙂 what is even crazier to me is that I am attempting to fit these 4 amazing, irreplaceable, inexplainable years into a slideshow that might last an hour. thats a lot of memories to sum up in such a short amount of time!

but the best part? knowing that these friends and these memories are forever. they will be around when we are 45 with kids and stability. they will be the stories that bring us to tears in laughter or back to prayer for uncontrollable circumstances. and there is something so beautiful about what is to come.

all that to say- today was great- Kat and I have a blast together everytime we hang out. And now we are attempting to study for a final on Tuesday- the hardest one of the semester- you know, the kind of final where you dont even try and study for your others because you know this will determine the course of your grades… actually, in this case, it might determine the course of graduation 🙂 so it is MUY IMPORTANTE. its for Spanish Literature 🙂

so back to trying to study- and trying to grasp these concepts. can we really put this much effort in once more before graduation? I want to throw a pity party and say no, but unfortunately, I think I have it in me to study a little bit more before I turn the tassel.

so here goes nothing.

to studying.

to graduation.

to the future.

and all the unknowns.

to the past.

and the amazing memories it holds.

praise God for these blessings.


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