I like this word a lot.

There are a lot of things that are phenomenal about the summer.

In fact, one phenomenal thing about summers is that I get summers for the rest of my life. Being a teacher is a great idea 🙂

I have been observing in various classrooms these last few weeks and it is so fun to see all the different types of ages, classroom ideas, comments students make, ways teachers discipline, etc. The abilities with teaching as well as the experiences are so vast- and the way students love their teacher, trust their teacher and lean on their teacher is great- in fact, its pretty phenomenal.

Summer is always a great time to exercise and that’s what Rachel and I love to do- well, actually, I have not been able to because of my tailbone surgery a couple weeks ago, but I have been able to walk. Rachel and I went for a walk the other day in Blackhawk where the golf course is, along the golf cart. It was an absolutely beautiful night- and we have the best time when we walk. There always seems something to talk about, especially how to solve all the worlds problems… we think we’d be pretty good at it 🙂 Friendships like the one I have with Rachel are phenomenal.

I also think the Monastery in Danville is pretty phenomenal. I took a few friends up there the other day who were in town for a friends wedding- I wanted to show them a little bit of where I spent my high school years, and I think the monastery has such a great view and its such an interesting place. We drove up there and almost ran over some people who were taking a silent workout class. I have no clue what it was but I automatically put my car in reverse (which was definitely not silent) and drove to another area where we could get out and take some pictures. Of course as I was reversing down the hill, I noticed the sign I seemingly missed the first time up the hill- “Silent retreat in session: please respect the silence”- well with windows down, music on, four girls in a car, and having to put Sylvia in reverse, we were hardly silent. Please forgive us. Anyways, we got out- took some fun pictures, enjoyed the awesome view, and headed to church. It was a phenomenal day.


Random moments seem to happen more during the summers. I just love random moments. My friends and I got dressed for the wedding and headed to Stanford to do lunch with a friend before the wedding. We ate at a childhood favorite restaurant- Hobee’s. Talk about phenomenal. My friend Seun was pretty impressed with the amount we were able to eat- between omelettes, coffee cake, pancakes, waffles, pasta, and many other items, you would have thought we hadn’t eaten for days. While waiting for Liz to find a dress to wear to the wedding (yes, just an hour before) we had some random moments.
And then we all sat at the wedding together- It was phenomenal.
Random blog tonight, but I do like the word phenomenal, and it was time for an update. I leave for Chicago in 4 days and I could not be happier. Rachel and I are soooo excited. Could be the best Best Trip ever!
Hope you are having a good day- blessings

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