..new beginnings..

I love the feeling of new beginnings. 

I love the excitement of the preparation process.

I love the nerves that come with that process as well.

And then the final moment comes and it is either going to succeed or fail.

All you can do is pray for success because ultimately, you lose all control in what the outcome will be.

Well, I am so excited to say that last night’s kickoff for 20somethings at New Life Church was a success. It was nothing we did on our own, we know that for sure, but it was by far much more successful than we imagined. For the last month, a few friends and I have been putting together the makings of a 20somethings group for post-college and early-career people in our area. We have seen a great need for it in this area of the valley and as it had been on multiple peoples’ hearts, we finally put it into action. It was an absolute blessing as over 40 people showed up!! We were blown away and so encouraged. Truly humbled too. 

We cooked BBQ chicken, sausages, salads, appetizers, and lots of other food and really just spent a couple hours getting to know each other. We all talked with people we had never met before. And that was the best part- our hope is to create an atmosphere that is purely relational where people from all churches, backgrounds, and circumstances can come together and invest in each others lives. 

I was so encouraged and excited by last night and I can not wait for all that is to come in the future. 

I hope you can be encouraged by this- if you have been wanting to do or start something for awhile now, get out there and do it! You can truly do anything! There are always people willing and ready to do similar things- go out, network with the people you know, and start talking about all that you are passionate about. 

Here is a picture of a few of us last night- it was great!


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