purposefully present.

 this has been the view on my daily runs since moving home. its great- this was a rainy day in particular, which I love. running in the rain is the best.

I got to drive through the redwoods on my way to visit family in northern california. how amazingly beautiful they are! so tall, such thick bases and so incredibly telling of age, wisdom, and the necessity for deep roots.

this is another view on my runs lately. this is my new running partner Betsy. she is much faster than she looks 🙂

today was my first day at St. Marys College. I am in grad school earning my teaching credential. I figured out today that it was my first day of school for the 17th time. And I will have first days of school as long as I am a teacher- its funny to think that I thought graduation from APU meant the end of my education- psh. hardly!

I was just in San Diego last week for the most beautiful wedding ever. We stayed at a beautiful resort on Coronado Island and I enjoyed a great view and a great place for journaling. The ocean is back there somewhere 🙂

my handsome nephew and I got bundled up for a walk on Coronado one day. I never knew I could love this little guy so much, but I really do. He is absolutely precious and I cant wait to hear him call me auntie.

My aunt carol was in town for 10 days last week and it was SO great to have her around. My mom, carol and I went to check out SMC so Carol could see it. She is almost 80 and peppier than ever. So much spunk, energy and such a blessing to our family. Our time with her was so amazing- now she is back in Missouri, but we loved having her here! 

Being at home for the past 6 weeks has been great- its still an adjustment but I have really enjoyed some amazing times with my family. I am realizing more and more of my purpose here in this time. I want to be present for all of these moments. Wishing for the future to come faster isnt going to get my anywhere. It will come at the perfect time and meanwhile I get to figure out more of what I want from life, how to use what God has given me for the greater purpose, and I get to start forming my future now by what I choose to do in the present. So for now, and through this transition, and through this grad school process- I get to be purposefully present, soaking up every moment and shaping my future before it even gets here. God’s grace and perfection is too good to try and look past. 

Purposefully present.




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