pictures, please.


this is not an attempt for me to advertise myself so you will then hire me. 

I am just in one of those moods today- photos, please!

it’s been awhile since I have done a real photo shoot and I have been driving by so many places that are screaming, “use me! take photos here!”

ok. maybe not really. but I have seen some amazingly beautiful spots just around the 680 corridor lately.

sometimes just to relax I will drive around and look for photo locations. 

especially on these beautiful, sunny, hot NorCal days, it is so fun to find unique locations for great photos.


now, I realize this photo might just look like some shady, rugged place not ideal for a nice family portrait or senior grad photo.

I beg to differ. Just like with any clean, nicely dressed person- a rugged background creates great contrast.

this photo makes me really happy.

the sun is sooooo bright! I would love to place a person right in the middle of this photo and get a great silhouette. 

I have a few other ideas up my sleeve for a photo like this, but I wouldn’t want to give away all of my brilliant secrets 😉 

these are my random thoughts today. now on to reading articles beyond articles for grad class. now don’t get me wrong- I love these classes, but right in this moment I would rather be taking pictures.


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