relaxing Fridays

relaxing Fridays are the best. 

sometimes it is fun to have lots of plans and take advantage of a weekend, but today was a great day for doing a whole lot of nothing.

the best part of today, though, was going out to some horse stables on Highland Rd. to meet up with my friend Andrew. Lynnie and I went out there and he showed us around, taught us about horses, and let us ride Reuger at the end. It was a really relaxing way to spend a Friday- 

something about being in the middle of nowhere, riding horses and getting dusty was a nice change from typical hang outs with friends.

for me there has always been something about being out in farm land and away from the busyness of life. I absolutely love it and cherish my times in locations like that.

here is a photo from today. we had fun!


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