“As a general rule, the freedom of any people can be judged by the volume of their laughter”  

tonight was Fondue and Game Night for the young adults group at church. it was so fun to just spend time in relationship with one another tonight. after eating homemade cheese fondue and dipping lots of yummy foods into chocolate fondue for dessert, we all sat down and played a few random games. we started with Catch Phrase which was absolutely hilarious and ended up getting pretty competitive- lots of shouting and laughing. Then we played Twister which was just hilarious and sometimes awkward- afterwards we played MadGab which none of us could really figure out right away. it ended up being hysterical to watch people try and pronounce these words together to come up with a different phrase. if you have not played the game, i suggest you check it out. SO fun for a large group! as i was sitting in the middle of this room with lots of shouting, laughter, and loud commotion- i thought to myself- “i need to laugh more often.” laughter is a healing medicine. the idea of laughter itself is actually a super interesting concept. laughter is kind of mysterious as it brings out the carefree, comfortable, relaxed side of someone. laughter reminds us that there is always something in life to laugh about, even if it is at ourselves, in the midst of some of the most difficult situations. i believe surrounding ourselves with people that make us laugh is a really great life choice that we should constantly be making. that is a quality i love about some of the closest people in my life. they make me laugh when i would rather cry and they remind me that i dont always have to take things so seriously. laughter heals- and tonight was such a great night for laughter.

like the quote says above, you can tell the amount of freedom someone has by their laughter. its interesting that i saw this quote since today is the 4th of July. it made me realize that as we were sitting their laughing tonight having such a fun time with friends, we were experiencing a freedom that so many people will never even know exists. i never thought of laughter representing freedom- but it is so true. the freedom to laugh at what we find funny, to express ourselves, to enjoy the moment, to cherish something intangible. what a gift.

when was the last time you surrounded yourself with someone who makes you laugh?

 “He will yet fill your mouth with laughter

   and your lips with shouts of joy.” 


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