Rachel and I had the best day in Santa Cruz yesterday. It was a much needed day with the Best- we have definitely not spent enough time together this summer. Between her nannying schedule and my night classes, we consider ourselves lucky if we have time to watch an episode of the Bachelorette together 🙂 So for her birthday, she decided she wanted to spend the day in Santa Cruz together. The decision was not a hard one, of course I would do it! We left after church, had a couple solid hours of sun-tanning (I am purplish red today…forgot the suntan lotion. oops), then we walked around the Boardwalk and headed over to Capitola afterwards. We had amazing Thai food, which is not typical for us to eat at all, so we felt pretty adventurous. After eating quite a bit of food, we decided to walk around for awhile. We looked at the cute shops, took pictures, and ended up, of course, on the sand watching the sunset. We sat on a log facing the water, the pier, and the setting sun. Talking about endless topics, I was reminded about how precious this friendship is to me. Sometimes it takes getting away and finally spending quality time together to realize what a blessing this is in my life. Unlike anything else.


This was us suntanning… before we got burnt 🙂



Here was our delicious food for the evening… Thai food and Fro Yo for dessert. Of course!

 Then we headed back to Santa Cruz to meet up with New Life’s Young Adults group. We had an amazing beach bonfire with some truly amazing people. The sunset was great, the smores were delicious, and the fire was perfectly warm. There is nothing better than the organic feel of a bonfire with people you have so much fun with. It was awesome.
Rachel and I had such a great day together yesterday. It amazes me that no matter what we go through, where life takes us, whether we have been in each other’s shoes or not, whether we disagree with one another or not, whether we have lots to say or nothing to say, and whether God has us in the exact same place or completely different places, we come together as best friends. No matter what. And I know that will never change. I truly know that. I am so so so thankful for our friendship. It was such a blessing to get away yesterday- we both admitted that it took us out of our small Danville, daily lives and reminded us of some more important things to focus on. In that we even realized more of our need to trust God in the small things and really the pointlessness to fear.
Who knew a beach day would do so much for us? I love it. God is so faithful. We were refreshed by a much needed relaxation day.
Praise God.
Not to mention- the moon was beautiful on our drive home- it looked like you could pick it out of the sky!
“Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? 
He who brings out the starry host one by one 
and calls forth each of them by name. 
Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.” Isaiah 40:26


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