maybe if I just put it off a little longer…

I’m officially obsessed with Instagram. I have been for awhile now, but I just love the way these photos turned out.

I am procrastinating, yet again. I am in the middle of completing my take-home final for class. The class is called Learning and Development in a Multi-Cultural Society. It has been a great class, I have learned a lot, been exposed to a lot, and I really feel like the lens through which I see the world has been expanded. I don’t think a professor would really ask for more than to have those outcomes as a result of their class. However, I have one complaint. A final? A take home final? In grad school? Ugh. I feel like I am just regurgitating information and not really learning new information. 

My procrastination got me thinking about the beach because that is where I would rather be. It also got me thinking about my camera because I would rather be in some random spot taking pictures of beautiful architecture, landscape, people, or sunsets. Pleaseeeee? 🙂 

I have yet to realize that blogging never gets me any closer to finishing my final. It only keeps pushing off the finished product which is definitely not what I want. Anyways, here are two photos I took and messed with on Instagram from my day in Santa Cruz the other day. They are so fun! And I love the birds in the background.

Aren’t they beautiful? Photography never gets old to me. I feel like I rarely shoot the same thing twice. Every sunset comes out different than the one before, birds always seem to make different formations in the air, and flowers are never the exact same shade. 

I will upload more pictures next time I go out on a photo adventure. Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday! 


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