of course I would.

I was asked this past week by a friend of mine, “Would you want to do a photo shoot for my upcoming CD in Santa Cruz?”

My response: “Of course I would.” New friends, camera, sunset, the beach. Nothing better. I was thrilled.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots of Zakk from the shoot-

Here is a summary of our time together:



Backing into a tree.




Chicago band on tour.


Mexican food.

Walking, talking.

Funnel cakes (almost).

Marianne’s Ice Cream.

Hot seat.

It was such a fun night of hanging out- Zakk is happy with the photos, I am happy with the photos, Kalie and Justin were troopers for putting up with the photo shoot, and we had awesome conversation (and food!). Here is a picture of us on the beach- it was an absolutely beautiful night!


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