these last few days have been great.

as many of you have heard me say before- I love change. It creates variety, excitement, personal growth, and allows God to show up in some really great ways. Lately, change has been a little nerve racking for me, though, because I can tell that it is coming and I know that it tends to get really uncomfortable before it’s something to be grateful for. but I am challenging myself to look at change in a different light for this next year. Instead of liking change for the reasons listed above, I am trying to look at change as a true necessity in life. If I am not changing, I am staying the same. And Lord knows there are lots of things in my life and about myself that I would love to see turn into something better. I never want to stop changing, because to me, changing means growing. Growing in greater confidence of where I am in life, understanding that this journey has the potential to be seen as the best ride of my life or I can choose to live in fear of the huge drops that may come my way. But I am constantly brought back to the reality of God’s protection and that even the hard times in life really can be seen as beautiful challenging changes that allow for greater growth and opportunity to come next.


on Thursday in the classroom I got to teach the little second graders a lesson in math. It was the first full lesson that I have taught to the whole class besides the daily activities that the students have down pat. It went pretty well for the most part and it was great to review it with my Master teacher as well. I can already see myself changing with these students, realizing more of my role as their student teacher and growing in confidence as I learn more and more about teaching. this change is great, has not been easy, but is such an exciting time in my life. and that’s how I want to choose to see it. because it is the truth. what a gift. I am so grateful for my placement with the second graders. and of course, with Shelley πŸ™‚

Friday was a whole other day with LOTS of fun things- I took engagement photos for two of my good friends, Bekah and Ashkon. I am so excited for them and I was truly honored to shoot their engagement session. We spent a couple hours together, hopping barbed wire fences, picking prickly flowers off of our clothes, getting sweaty out in the hot sun, and enjoying the air conditioned rides from place to place πŸ™‚ It was so fun and I am so excited with how the photos turned out. Photography is truly therapy for me and relaxes me. And THEN getting to do it with two of my friends makes it that much better! Here is one of my favorites from the day-

Needless to say- they are a very good-looking couple and it was such a relaxing and fun way to spend my Friday morning. Thanks guys πŸ™‚

Then I went right from the shoot (we ended at a really great bridge in Walnut Creek) to a meeting with my Master teacher and my Supervisor from St. Mary’s to talk about all the dates I will be observed while teaching the adorable little second graders. I have never had lots of reasons to have a calendar before, but let me tell you, my calendar is PLENTY filled through December πŸ™‚ It is exciting to think of where I will by the end of December, and even in a month with my thoughts on teaching, my comfort level in an elementary classroom, and knowledge of teacher terms. That kind of change is really exciting. It is coming my way and I don’t want to do anything to keep me from changing in the absolute best possible way. So bring it on πŸ™‚

THEN I went straight to Alicia’s house- one of my close friends who I met when I moved here from Chicago freshman year of high school. In fact, I met Alicia, Kristina, and Emily- all of whom got together last night for a reunion/sleepover night. After 4 years of not seeing Emily and the other girls not seeing each other, it was so fun to share all of our old memories, catch up on current life for everyone, eat all of our old ‘memory food’ together, and just laugh together. It was great. Talk about change!! We have all come in to our own, knowing better who we are as women and because of the many crazy, hard, amazing, and unique situations we have all been through separately, we were able to come together as better people now than we were in high school. I was so encouraged by the many changes in our lives since the end of senior year, and I found so much comfort in just being in the same room as these three girls. SO much change, SO much fun, and I can not wait to do it again! Here is a photo we re-invented from high school almost 5 years ago.

So much is to come and I have been so encouraged these last couple days by the idea of change and the blessing it is in our lives.


“Change brings opportunity”- well said.

Blessings today.


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