my bucket list

Today I was inspired to post my bucket list. It started years ago with my best friend Rachel and has been added to ever since. I have not thought much about my bucket list lately, but as I was reading another blog, I really felt inspired to blog it. It was really interesting to me to sit down and think about what my bucket list would have on it (beyond what I had already put on there). In some ways it was hard to come up with this list! Thinking about all of the things I would really love to do is not easy, but this is a pretty fair list of things that have been crossed off but also what I am looking forward to in the future. I realize that my life is unpredictable, we never know how much time we have on this earth, but assuming I will be around for awhile, these are many of the things that I pray I get to see come to pass in my lifetime. There are lots of places I want to travel, and many more that are not on this list. This earth we live on is so breath-taking. I want to experience as much of it as possible. I want to experience the people, the food, the daily lives, the struggles and successes, and the reality of this world. Traveling can do that, and I pray I get to spend some time doing that on this beautiful planet. I will continue to add to this list as more comes to mind and as life happens. Here it is for now. Enjoy it- and if we have some similar bucket list locations, lets go together! 🙂

Bucket list:
Learn a second language
Come to understand my worth
See the Grand Canyon
Go to a drive-in movie theater
Travel to Australia
Sing in church
Create artwork that is wall-worthy
Watch the sunrise from the beach
Sustain my own garden
Go camping in Yosemite
Take photos of what I love, over and over again
Donate blood
Marry my best friend
Blog regularly
See Niagara Falls
 Run a marathon
Become whole-heartedly connected at a church
Travel to Sitka Alaska
Read the bible cover to cover
Watch the fog roll in from a mountain top
Open a non-profit for English Learners
Be a bridesmaid
Go horseback riding on the beach
Use photography to preserve fleeting moments for people 
Become a really great cook
Learn to play an instrument
Stand up for myself
Go skydiving
See Keith Urban in concert
Start a tradition
Serve in an uncomfortable ministry
Receive a standing ovation
 Photograph a wedding
Lead a bible study
Ride in a helicopter
Walk across the Golden Gate bridge
Meet someone who has thumbs like mine
Learn to accept compliments
Plan someone's wedding
Donate to a children’s hospital
Ride on a motorcyle (non-Harley) along the ocean
Get acrylic nails
Cry out of pure joy 
Feel truly alive in an innocent moment
Dance in the middle of the street under a full moon
Make bets at a horse race
Visit the Holy Lands
 Let someone fully into my life
Graduate from college
Go to Las Vegas
Go parasailing
Become a teacher
Go gambling
 Visit Wyoming
Road trip throughout the United States
Help my spouse pursue a dream
Go to Spain
Spend time in the Dominican Republic
Make Thanksgiving Dinner
Go to Greece
Travel somewhere unexpected
Travel with my spouse. Anywhere. 
Live in a city
Mentor someone
Photograph a sunset worth hanging in my house
Become less uptight
Go wine tasting
Use my story to encourage someone else
Be more emotional (when appropriate)
Drink a beer… and enjoy it
 Swim with dolphins
Understand the true importance of family
Be the best mom and wife I can possibly be
Pray for someone before they pass away
Have children
Listen to advice from my grandparents
Raise my kids in one house
Spend time in situations that make me uncomfortable
Bring my best friend back to my hometown
Run a half-marathon
Fall madly in love 
Become more adventurous
Complete a corn maze

Do you have a bucket list?


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