intentional adventure

intentional |inˈten ch ənl|


done on purpose; deliberate 
 being intentional requires sacrifice, time, effort, communication, and grace. it expects growth and change and it seeks to be better than it was before. being intentional means being present when we would rather be silent, when we would rather be sleeping, when we would rather talk about something else, when we would rather think other thoughts, when we would rather deny the obvious. being intentional requires the ability to sacrifice the desires of ourselves for the desires of others, knowing that it is through this sacrifice that truth emerges, growth emerges, and the act of grace is demonstrated and refined over and over again. 
 the best part? we realize that in the end, choosing to be sacrificially intentional ends up feeling like no sacrifice at all because of the blessing and reward that comes as a result.

adventure |adˈven ch ər; əd-|


an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity • daring and exciting activity calling for enterprise and enthusiasm 
adventure means taking risks, seeking the thrill of the unknown with a silent trust in something greater than yourself. adventure means living in the moment and not worrying about tomorrow. adventure lives to soak up all that it has been offered, appreciate it, taste it, breathe it in, and accept every offer that comes its way. adventure doesn’t ignore wisdom, but doesn’t give into fear. adventure seeks to make memories and to live life to its fullest. 
 no holds barred. free falling. adventure lets go and enjoys the moment. fully. adventure doesn’t look back, but only looks forward to all that is to come and to the potential that each moment holds. 
I want to live a life that is intentional and adventurous. The ladder is not always easy for me, but I don’t want to live a life that the typical American lives. I want to live a life that God has called me to, and I know without a doubt that that life is not mundane, that it strives for adventure, and will always lead me to places I have not seen or experienced. I want to be seeking God so deeply and truthfully that fear is not a factor in future or current decisions. I want to be living so clearly in my calling that each step I take is a step with the Lord in achieving more for his purpose and for his glory. I want to live in his reality and not my own. I want to seek his ways and not my own. I want my words to fully match my actions. I want my character to drip of his grace and love. I want God’s purpose to be lived out through my life. I want my relationships to not just honor God but to glorify and praise his name in all aspects. I don’t want a feel-good Christian life. I want a real-life living, breathing, active, and working relationship with God himself.
I realize that in order for all of that to happen, I have to be intentional, and I have to be ready for adventure. I have to be willing to surrender to anything and everything beyond this moment, which defines adventure, in order to experience life to the fullest. I have to be ready to put myself aside and put others first more often. Much. More. Often, because this defines intentional. I don’t want to be intentional or adventurous for my own selfish reasons, but for the chance to see what God can do in me and through me. For the chance to see more of his glory revealed. To see more of his purpose in relationship. To see more of his grace that spins action in myself and in others. To see more of his Spirit filtering into all areas of my life and working within my relationships with others. 
So as I finish this on the day of my 23rd birthday, I am reminded of the blessing of another year that has gone by with amazing family, friends, blessings, promises, experiences, memories, accomplishments, and laughs. But most importantly, I am reminded that I have been given more time on this earth to soak up all that God has placed before me. So this next year I want to be 3 things ( 1 more beyond what I blogged about here ): intentional. adventurous. grateful. 
So here is to my 23rd year on this earth. To all that God has in store for this next year. And to saying goodbye to any fear that might keep me from living an intentionally adventurous life.
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.
Before you finish reading this blog, please take a look at this blog I came across just by searching ‘intentional adventures’- what an awesome family and what an awesome goal for those of us in the future that want to live intentionally adventurous lives. Take a look!

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