Tuesday’s Letters

Dear Alarm Clock– I really would have rather hit snooze, but thank you for so faithfully waking me up each morning.

Dear Makeup– thank you for making me appear awake when I arrive at school.

Dear 3rd Grade Students– thank you for making my day SO amazing; for making me laugh, showing me what I am so passionate about, for challenging me, and for teaching me.

Dear Professors at St. Mary’s– By the time your class ends, some of us have been awake for 16 hours going non-stop. Does that ever influence your teaching styles? It should. In my humble opinion.

Dear Meghan- thank you for your sisterhood in this credential program of ours. Complaining? We do it. Coffee runs? Absolutely necessary. Encouragement? We give it to one another. Support? That too. Laughter and talking in class? No doubt. Food? Always shared. PACT? Lets work on it. Thank you.

Dear Boyfriend- still don’t like Tuesdays. But I like you. So that’s good 🙂

Dear Lady Antebellum– I am seeing you on Thursday and driving to Sacramento from the Bay Area. I have heard your concert is worth the drive, so my boyfriend and I have high expectations. Call me up on stage? Surely.

Dear Weekend- already dreaming about you.

Dear Rachel and Kristina– absolutely can not wait for our time together this weekend. TALKing, LAUGHing, PICTURE-taking, and SO much more. Stoked. Truly.


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