you. are. of. value.

intrinsic |inˈtrinzik; -sik|

adjective) belonging naturally; essential

irrevocable |ˌiˈrevəkəbəl|

adjective) not able to be changed, reversed, or recovered; final 
Your value. It can’t be stolen. It can’t be replaced. It can’t be given to you from someone else. It can’t be forsaken or altered, lied about, taken credit for, or taken advantage of. Your value will not change, it is something you were born with, something that only God can speak into. He defines our value and our worth. And that value is something that belongs to us and only us, something that is absolutely final. It has already been defined, already been spoken of, and already been set in stone. 
When we are aware of our own value, we see the value in everyone else around us. When we start seeing people for what they are really worth, which has nothing to do with the choices they are currently making, have made, or will make, then we start treating others well. 
I want to be a woman who treats people in a way that speaks into their value. That when they walk away from a conversation, a discussion, a conflict with me, that they never feel as anything worse, smaller, or less important. And that is a huge check for me. Its not about me. Life will never be about me. So the sooner I start living in a way that speaks into the value of others, the sooner I will escape the ‘me thinking’. Life isn’t fun anyways when we are only focused on our needs, wants, desires. It’s much more satisfying to live in a way that puts others first and serves others. 
It’s funny because I teach my students this concept all the time. That we are a team, we are a family that needs to work together and will work together until everything gets done. We help others before we help ourselves, we work together no matter what our academic levels are, and we encourage one another towards success even in our own failures. Teaching is a daily check for the way I want to live my life- how I know to live life in the best way possible- how we want our little children to grow up living. But man, its so much easier to teach than to live sometimes. So when I continue believing and having confidence in the value that God has given me, I can treat others the way they deserve to be treated, which ultimately means them before me. God help me to live this way. It’s hard. But we can grow and learn to do this better than we do. Help us. 

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.”  -Mother Theresa


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