Wednesday Letter

Thursday: I am praying you are a day that holds joy, child-like faith, and energy.

Friday: You are quite tempting and have been since Monday.

Lady Antebellum: You DID NOT disappoint David and I, so thank you very much. The drive to Sacramento was worth every extra mile and minute in traffic.

Darius Rucker: Please never stop rocking a baseball cap, jeans, t-shirt, and boots for your concerts. You were mighty impressive.

Dad: Please come back from China.

Bert’s Bees Chapstick: My lips are very grateful for you today.

Best: I will miss you while you are in Guatemala, but PLEASE soak up EVERY minute of your time there. Say hi to Erin 🙂

Future Job: I would like to know when and if you are actually going to come into play soon. Let me know at your earliest convenience. Please and thank you.

Country Music: I find myself happier when you are playing in my car.

Thai Food: You were so delicious tonight for dinner- thank you thank you thank you. Yummmmy.

Bed: You haven’t seen me at 8:45pm in a long time, but there is no place I’d rather be right now. So thank you.

Camera: I have not taken you out for any adventures lately. I promise to do that soon- where should we go?

Mexico: I am coming. I really am. May can not come any faster!!

Boyfriend: Glad you are in my life. SO glad. Thanks for making country music so much better 🙂

Alarm Clock: I am hopeful that one day you will stop working so I can accidentally sleep in, but tomorrow is one day where I really need you to be faithful.


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