Tuesday’s Letter

My dearest Tuesday…
Legs: I am glad you clearly got a great workout yesterday, but I can barely walk… and I look like an old lady as I hobble around. Get better soon, please. And thank you.
Mom: Breakfast today was amazing and even though our pancakes tasted like microwaved, astronaut food, I am glad we got to have the conversation we did.
Steve and Jenna: Oregon, here I come!! Can not wait to see you two and spend the weekend with you guys!
Theory class I am currently in: Please be over. Soon. 
California: you do not make receiving a credential very easy. At all. I wish you would figure it out sooner than later.
Rain: I am very grateful for the mood you set today, the air you cleaned, and the color you put on the trees and hills. Its beautiful. But if you go away soon, the sun will come out. And we could all use a little sunshine.
Meghan: I wish we didn’t eat so much in class, because I am starting to feel slightly judged by the others in our cohort. But between the chicken, the pasta, the meatballs, the vegetables, the cookies, the soup, and the bread, I think we over-did it a little bit tonight. And now we are on to crafting.
Dad: still want you to come home from China. I miss you. Mom misses you. Love you.
Wednesday: I am excited to sleep in and enjoy the rest of my spring break from teaching. 
3rd graders: I do miss you, but I am also glad we have spring break and get some time apart. Next week will be fun! 
Rachel: I hope Guatemala continues to be amazing. Love you and miss you. 
24 Hr Fitness: I have not been very faithful to you lately- as faithful as I should be. I am coming tomorrow. I promise.

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