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I read this from a blog and I just absolutely love it. I think it is something that women can absolutely benefit from reading, but men as well. It is encouraging and challenging- it is inspiring and enticing. These are the kind of women we need in the world. This world needs the best of us, and I hope this article encourages you to strive to be this type of woman like it does for me.


Some parts of it apply more than others, but I think it is made up of parts that everyone can relate to. Enjoy.




Profile of a good woman:


A good woman is honest. She tells the truth; first to herself and then to her audience no matter how big or small.


With honest eyes, A good woman looks within herself and tells the truth about what she finds.


She gives thanks for the good, rejoices in them and makes them better.


She takes responsibility for the bad and quests to make them good.

She smiles at the beautiful and acknowledges that they are the reflection of The Creator.

She seizes the ugly, from its source, roots it out, and receives in its stead, beauty for ashes.


A Good woman tells the truth about her knowledge, escapades, proclivities, gifts, talents, and abilities, no false modesty here. She arms herself with these, leaving behind a powerful legacy for those in her wake.

She exposes her dark places, moments of tragedy and shame. Welcoming the influx of light sets her free. Her head is lifted and she leads the way for the others drawn from hiding by her transparency.


A Good woman tells the truth about her stats. She is unfettered by the unstable dictates of a jaded society. She announces them without letting them consume or define her.

“I’ll take that in a size 10, please.”

“5ft. 9 and 130 pounds.”

“29 going on 30”

“16 year old virgin”

“Art Collector and Introvert”

“Redhead from a bottle”

“35 year old virgin”


“Surgeon and Wife”

“Diaper washer, nosebleed stopper, bed maker, and cellulite fighter.”

“80 years young.”

“Twitter virgin”

“Blogging Guru”

“Cancer survivor”


A Good Woman tells the truth about what she wants and makes no apologies for her unselfish desires.

That extra piece of cheesecake.

The well deserved promotion.

A naughty tumble in the sheets (with her husband of course).

To walk on the moon.

Undivided attention.

Time to breathe.

A home full of kids.

A trip without the kids.

An Apartment with a view.

Whispered words of kindness.

A corner office.

Christian Louboutin pumps.


A Good Woman tells the truth even when it’s “No”

No to compromise

No to mediocrity

No to cruelty

No to abuse

No to idleness

No to injustice

No objectification

No to insincerity

No to complacency

No to insecurity

“No you may not call me doll face.”


A Good woman recognizes a Good Man when she sees one

Not only because of his full head of hair, the dreaminess of his eyes, the size of his bank account or the breath of his shoulders.

Instead, she is captivated by his resemblance to The Father

The testimony of his brotherhood

The strength of his character

His courage against opposition

His humility in his flaws

His commitment to growth and learning

His compassion and kindness

His protective arm about her shoulders

His complete acceptance of her story

The light in his eyes whenever she walks into a room


A Good Woman tells the truth because only then is she truly free. Free to exist comfortably in her skin, free to love, free to give, free to submit, free to achieve, free to believe, free to trust, free to laugh, free to be, free to live.


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