I check in with myself regularly to see what I am learning. And sometimes I realize that I am not aware of those things enough. Being aware of what I am learning helps me to be grateful for God’s endless pursuit of us. So here is a list of what I am learning… maybe some of you out there want to add to this.

1. God wants all of us. He doesn’t just want me when I have the desire to fully pursue him. He doesn’t just want me on the fence. He wants everything from me- but only if I want to give it to him. He pursues, but he doesn’t force. He wants my life to be reflecting that constantly and all the decisions, words, actions, and reactions in my daily life are a pure reflection of my current standing with the Lord. God wants all of you. He wants all of me. And I am praying to continually be in a place where I want that- whatever sacrifice that might mean and all.

2. I could talk about teaching all day long. I went to a job fair this past weekend and was tentatively offered a job in Vancouver. The best part of the job fair? I got to talk about teaching all day with professionals, friends, and family. I get so excited about the opinions and beliefs I am forming on the educational world, and it is so fun to process all of it with others who enjoy the same thing.

3. I can be better tomorrow than I was today. And I constantly want to be aware of the way my life can glorify God because it is too easy to lose sight of that. And the fact that it is so easy, scares me.

4. Friendships have seasons and true friends understand that sometimes it is inconsistent and not always easy, but that no matter what the circumstances, nothing can effect it. I am so grateful for the friendships that continually point me back to God, to his way of living, and to his heart and will for this life.



more to come…


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